Jackson R-2 School District

Jackson, Missouri

WNB began working in the Jackson School District in early 2002, shortly after Dr. Ron Anderson, with whom we enjoyed a long working relationship while he was in Liberty, became the superintendent of schools. Initially we assisted in developing a master plan for the existing High School site and later assisted in promoting their successful bond issue campaign. Soon thereafter we designed the complete renovation of a large portion of the existing High School facilities, as well as several major additions to the campus. 

Within two years after completion of the High School we designed the new Elementary School and Early Childhood Center, which was completed during the summer of 2015.  As the Elementary School and Early Childhood Center were nearing completion we designed the renovation to the High School Football Stadium, which included additional seating and new Restroom Facilities. This project was substantially complete in early 2016.

Jackson High School

For over 70 years Jackson High School has been located near the central business district, and until recently consisted of six separate buildings in a campus setting.  Many of the buildings were quite old and not only did not meet the needs of contemporary educational programs, but also lacked most of the  safety and security measures that are commonly included in modern educational facilities.  WNB developed a master plan for the entire campus which ultimately provided one enclosed facility by connecting many of the existing buildings and demolishing those that were not feasible to renovate. 

The plan also provided construction of approximately 161,000 sq. ft. of new space, and through careful planning school was able to remain in session throughout the entire construction period.  Upon completion, students now attend a new modern facility that will meet the community’s educational needs for decades and which saved taxpayers approximately half the cost of an entirely new building and site.

East Elementary School and Early Childhood Center

Although East Elementary School, a K-5 facility, and East Early Childhood Center share the same site and are both located within one structure, they essentially function as independent facilities.  This relationship allows them to share a common kitchen and various other infrastructure items, and yet each has its own entrance, administrative offices, and play areas.  Planning of these schools focused on building designs that accommodate not only current educational and technology trends but that also are adaptable to the evolution of public education for future generations. 

The completed project includes flexible spaces that are easily configured for large groups or small student work sessions as required for educational programs, which are housed in an energy efficient structure that glorifies the excitement of the school experience. 


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