U.S. Coast Guard

Mobile, Alabama & Miami, Florida

U.S. Coast Guard Consolidated Hangar Complex

WNB Architects was awarded this design-build contract following the strict USCG guidelines. Due to budget constraints, many value engineering suggestions were explored that ultimately lowered the cost to enable the US Coast Guard to meet their budget and begin construction as required to meet a critical schedule for incoming airframes.


The building is a 5-bay maintenance facility 162’ deep X 492’ long X 53’ high, with a front rolling segmented door. Two bays are designated as maintenance, 1 bay is an internal wash down bay, and two bays are reserved as a rotary wing hangar deck. Two 2-ton overhead cranes transverse the hangar. The shops and storage areas are located at the building rear in a 2-story structure with maintenance control, shops including an avionics shop, battery charging rooms, HAZMAT pharmacy and office, survival shop, raft room, storage areas, and offices at deck level.

On the lower area are large storage areas, office and administration space, conference rooms, crew lunchroom, flight planning/briefing rooms, and various locker rooms for officer and enlisted, male and female Coast Guard personnel. There is a vertical equipment lift between floors and an external walk the length of the facility. A separate external wash-bay is located adjacent to the facility. This facility includes high expansion foam fire protection, natural lighting, and geothermal HVAC units.


Fast Response Cutter Facility

This building, which is located on the U.S. Coast Guard Base in Miami, FL, is a support facility for Coast Guard cutters that are docked for various levels of service.  It includes administrative offices, maintenance shops, and storage for the contents of the ship while the service is performed.  It was the first building of this type on any Coast Guard base throughout the world and will serve as the prototype design for other installations.  Green building principals were utilized extensively in the planning and construction and the building achieved the first LEED Gold Certification for any Coast Guard facility.

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